In-Home Speech Therapy

Since 2010, Care Plan has provided in-home speech therapy services to patients throughout the greater Detroit metro area. Our certified therapists focus on improving and restoring function in the areas of communication, cognition, and swallowing.

One of the greatest benefits of working with Care Plan Is that we provide these services from the comfort of your own home. A familiar setting provides a relaxed and comfortable environment from which to receive therapy. It also allows our patients to have real life practice with what they encounter on any given day.

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Who is Speech Therapy For?

Speech Therapy is often part of the recovery process following an accident, illness, or injury, such as a traumatic brain injury or a stroke. Speech therapy may be needed to assist with orientation and memory improvement, communication challenges, and with the retraining of swallowing function.

We understand that you or your loved one may be returning home after a length stay in the hospital. We know how comforting it can be to be back home, but we know it comes with many challenges and struggles once you are outside the clinical setting. When you find yourself homebound with an injury, receiving speech therapy services in your home is one of the best options towards recovery and improvement.

The Benefits of In-Home Care

  • Quality Care– Our in-home speech therapists have a proven track record in helping patients develop, strengthen, and restore speech related skills. Our licensed therapists have helped treat thousands of patients just like you.
  • Full-Service Approach to Care – From evaluations and goal setting to recovery, we are with you from the very beginning. We have in-house experts specializing in speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, wound care, in home nursing care, medical social work and home health aides. This allows us to provide you a customized, comprehensive approach to your care.
  • Familiar Environment – Being in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable is beneficial to your progress and recovery. Care Plan proudly offers high-quality therapy services in your home. If you find it frustrating to be in a new environment for care or perhaps going back and forth to an outpatient facility is not an option, we can help.
  • Real Life Experience – Your therapist will be able to use tools and equipment in your home as part of your therapy. This helps in translating what you learn directly to how it will be used in your everyday life.
  • Family Involvement & Education – One of the greatest benefits of therapy from home is that it allows your loved ones and additional caretakers to become involved in your recovery process, allowing you to continue making improvements even when your therapist is not there.
  • Preserving Energy – Preparing, traveling, and going to a facility requires a lot of energy. Therapy from your home allows you to save that valuable energy for your therapy services.

Services May Include

Communication Device Usage
Swallowing Articulation
Problem Solving Voice
Motor Exercises Memory
Diets Social Language
Planning Reading & Writing
Comprehension And More

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When you work with Care Plan, your recovery and improvement is the top priority of our team.

We know you are anxious to improve your quality of life following an accident, injury, or surgery. Let our team help. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to best serve our clients and their families. To learn more about the Dearborn, MI home health care services we provide, contact us today.

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